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SYCET had a great day at Teasses Estate in Fife with a group of Rural Skills students from Perth Academy on a sparkling autumn day last week, learning about how good estate management can encourage diversity of birds as well as other wildlife.  Head Keeper Kenny gave an initial talk about how the estate was managed through planting etc, and then took the students on a walk around part of the estate in order that they could see what had been done.  After lunch he demonstrated some of the humane traps which could be used in legal pest control, and then took questions from the students and their teachers.

All the pupils and their teachers enjoyed the day immensely.

I learned about being a gamekeeper and controlling the population of things like grey squirrels and deer” – Marley

We learned about traps and clay pigeon shooting” – Rhys

I enjoyed the whole thing and want to learn more about fishing” – Evan

“Thank you again for such a fabulous time. And please convey our thanks to the rest of the team who helped make it such a memorable day” – Mrs C.

Many thanks to Kenny for an excellent and informative day, and also to Sir Fraser Morrison for allowing us to use Teasses for the event.

If you would like to arrange something similar, please get in touch with us at info@sycet.co.uk.