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Who We Are

Secretary and Acting Chair – Colin Shedden

Colin Shedden is the Scottish Director of BASC and has been secretary to SYCET for the past 20 years.  He is also Acting Chair following the departure of Cara Richardson.

He has degrees in zoology, is a qualified shotgun coach and has a keen interest in all rural issues. He lives in Highland Perthshire and is married with three daughters.

Trustee – Eoghan Cameron

Eoghan is the current Chairman of BASC and has been a member for nearly 20 years.

He previously specialised in the negotiation, delivery and management of high-value contracts in the oil and gas industry. He is now self-employed with a focus on rural project management and tourism. He lives in Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire and has participated in country sports from an early age. Like many people engaged in rural life, Eoghan is concerned that society’s increasing urbanisation leads to misconceptions about how and why the countryside is managed, land use and particularly the provenance of food. As a SYCET trustee, Eoghan hopes to ensure that such misconceptions are addressed through education and engagement at grass-roots level, thereby avoiding potential divisions and conflicts in the future.

Eoghan is passionate about introducing people from all walks of life, especially young people, to country sports as an enjoyable, integral part of the fragile countryside fabric. He is particularly focused on promoting the critical role shooting plays in conservation and the production of wild food.

Trustee – Mike Hardy

Mike is a gamekeeper and shoot organiser as well as a BASC shotgun coach, Scottish Clay Target Association qualified safety officer and referee.  He is also a former BASC Council member and current BASC Scottish Committee member, as well as a gamekeeping and wildlife management working group member.

Trustee – Andrew Macfarlane

Andy is a retired Chartered Environmental Scientist with over 40 years’ experience of land use planning and resource management in both the public and private sectors.  He was latterly a director in a landscape and environmental planning practice involved principally in ecological survey and assessment.  He has also managed a red deer farm, and ran his own taxidermy business for a number of years.

Andy’s interests are game shooting, wildfowling and fishing and he was also a keen deer stalker for many years.  He is an enthusiastic bird watcher, though definitely not a ‘twitcher’, both in Scotland and Fuerteventura where he migrates for part of the year to take advantage of the warmer climate!  He is also an avid allotmenteer, growing organic produce to accompany locally sourced game and fish.

Trustee – Alisdair Troup

Alisdair is the Managing Director of well-respected stalking, hunting and shooting retailer Bushwear. He lives in Auchterarder, Perthshire. He shoots game, vermin and deer regularly throughout Scotland, and often further afield.  Passionate about field sports and its future, Alisdair believes in passing this passion for the countryside  on to the next generation.

Trustee – Stuart Waugh

Stuart has been an enthusiastic advocate of country sports all of his life.  In particular, he is keen to ensure that the next generation has the opportunity to enjoy all aspects of the Scottish countryside, just as he has done.

Stuart is the owner of a long-established pest control company in Edinburgh and also acts as a sporting agent, highlighting the best of Scottish sport to a wide clientele.


Country Officer / Bushcraft Advisor – Jake Swindells

Jake was born and brought up in the Scottish countryside and his first passion was sea fishing. This soon developed into hunting and trapping, with the emphasis being on becoming self-sufficient when out in the wilderness.  In later years Jake undertook numerous bushcraft courses and has also worked as a trainer. Today you will find him fishing and foraging on the shoreline on the west coast of Scotland, rubbing two sticks together and cooking the hard-earned spoils of the day on an open fire under the stars.

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Our Vision

To increase young people’s understanding of the working countryside in Scotland.

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